16-A Technical SEO Insights

16-A Technical SEO Insights video lesson shares information related to technical side of website optimization. Created by RankYa SEO consultant (one of Melbourne’s leading seo expert) this video tutorial shares insights related to broken links, why you should consider using HTML5 and stay up to date with current web standards, talks about title attributes for hyperlinks, using relative URL’s or absolute URL path.

To learn more about Google’s Technical Guidelines for webmasters visit:

Most websites just being indexed by Google usually suggests that Google can crawl and index your website. But, your job should always be focused on making Google’s crawling easy and also making your users experience great. This then can mean that you can always work towards improving your website and landing pages. If you believe I have contributed to your online success, then please share this video lesson by using the link below:

Another critical factor amongst all the search engine optimization factors is conversion optimization. Blending everything in terms of, website optimization (both technical and also non-technical SEO) as well as conversion optimization strategies couple with quality backlinks will double if not triple your online results, this will also set you on a path to long term online success where your website keeps working as its supposed to.

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