Free Duty High Power 48V 28AH Samsung Cell Rear Rack Rear Carrier Flat Aluminium Case Li-ion Battery With 5A Charger and BMS for ebike Electric Bike

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(as of May 16,2018 08:53:51 UTC – Details)

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48V 28AH Samsung Cell Rear Carrier Flat Aluminium Case Li-ion Battery with BMS and 5A Charger

Powerful battery with excellent Samsung 8A 2.2C high discharge rate cell

Please don’t use this battery for more than 1600W Motor!!! Otherwise if cause any problem or accident, we are not responsible for that and no warranty.

Parts Included:
48V 28AH Samsung Li-ion Battery with Rear Carrier Flat Aluminum Case
Battery Bottom Fixing Plate (Fix and Lock battery on Rear Carrier)
Built-in BMS Board
Anderson Plug (connect battery to your controller)
54.6V 5A High Quality Charger with RCA charging plug

User Manual of battery:
1. Please kindly check whether battery has enough power (please test with voltage meter)
2. Before connect battery to your controller, please firstly turn off power from throttle electric key (if have)
3. Please ensure whether positive and negative poles are correct and same as your controller power input
4. After you connect battery to controller and make sure no any short circuit, then turn on power from controller

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