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In your connected home of the future, everything will work in harmony to meet your everyday needs, as if by magic… Discover how with Beko, official partner of tomorrow’s home. Find out more and pre-order the future on
At Beko, we’re designing your connected home of the future, in which all your appliances work in harmony to anticipate and meet your needs. This future isn’t driven by gadgets or gimmicks. It’s based on what’s genuinely useful in everyday life. It’s also not that far away now, so if you’re as excited as us, why not pre-order and be the first to enjoy the future?

Finally, a fridge that’s warm.
Your future fridge will be helpful and friendly; it will understand your needs and what else is going on in the house. When you throw away an empty toothpaste tube, for example, your bathroom bin will tell the fridge so it can update your shopping list and re-order automatically. It will also keep track of its own contents and let you know when the milk is about to reach its best-by date, or even suggest recipes based on what’s in stock.
The connected home should be effortless, pre-empting your needs and chores seamlessly, so you can get on with what really matters.

An alarm clock that doesn’t alarm you.
It’s easier and healthier to wake up to natural light rather than to electronic bleeping. Once your future alarm clock and your future blinds start talking, your mornings could become much less painful.
The connected home should feel thoughtful and human, designed to be emotionally intelligent, not just cleverly automated.

A washer-dryer that also waters your plants.
Once everything in your house is connected, you’ll see benefits you never expected. The waste water from your washing machine could be filtered and recycled straight to your indoor garden, helping you make both the planet and your living room greener.
The connected home should be sustainable, linking appliances to each other and ultimately to your neighbourhood and city to reduce your environmental footprint.

Cooking for your kids: good. Teaching them to cook: great!
Your future hob will also be a smart display, leading you and your budding chefs through recipes step by step. It will show you where to place pots and pans, and heat them safely through its inductive surface. Giving you all plenty of room to make a happy family mess!
The connected home should be relevant to everyday family life, genuinely helpful rather than just technology for the sake of it.

A mirror that makes you smile in the morning.
Your future bathroom mirror will no longer just stare back at you mutely. It will recognise you and provide you with personalised information and health data. It will also entertain the kids with toothbrushing games, turning a chore into fun.
The connected home should be intuitive, and respond to natural gestures and voice in a playful way, not require a thick manual to operate.

The ideal appliance? The one you hardly notice.
Your oven will save you time and trouble by picking the optimal program for your favourite dishes of its own accord, and looking up the ones it’s never tried before. The only thing it won’t be able to do is taste them for you. Yet.
The connected home’s technology and interfaces should be invisible. Ideally they should work without you even noticing.

Self-help for houses
Your home’s Smart Hub will monitor the energy consumption of the hob and other devices, and regulate energy sharing with the neighbourhood grid to save you money. Rather than a dull plastic box, it could appear only when needed on an embedded window display.
The connected home should be adaptable and designed to last, updating itself and even taking charge of its own maintenance and repairs.

Find out more and pre-order the future on

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