Infinite defense-td strategy war games

Infinite Defense is a new tower defense is different from the traditional game. Game, the player has a special ability of the general creator, with your fingers to create a variety of super-machine soldiers against the invasion of the devil. The use of different strategies to create the strongest lineup of attacks, achievements of super-God legend, fun to play 100 tire.
Players only need to use the fingers on the screen to draw the corresponding graphics can be created with the corresponding warrior to fight, the game uses a, v, □, w, △ and other five graphics, corresponding to five different robots. With the growth of players and the increase in the war situation, players will gradually master and create all the soldiers. Each warrior can be upgraded to increase the basis of attack power to reach a certain level can master the appropriate skills.
1、moving fingers, drawing graphics can get different soldiers, fun.
2、 the use of different strategies for the combination of soldiers to resist foreign invasion.
3、Meng Meng da robot soldiers, people can not help laughing.
4、experience a tower defense game is different from the past, experience Super God Storm, full gunshots nationwide surprise to bring a miracle.

By Yingnan Gao

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