This video goes through the first four things you should have a look at when trying to figure out why someone don’t convert when they arrive to your website.

1. Are you tracking the right thing
So many times I’ve been in a situation where I see clients track the wrong things and thus get false positives or false negatives.

2. Are you getting the right traffic?
If not, then you’ll be trying to convert people who do not want your things.

3. Are you flowing the traffic to the right place of your website?
If people do not visit the pages where they can convert, you either need to bring the mountain to them or bring them to the mountain.

4. Is everyone not converting?
You need to use segments to deaverage and break down your users into groups to figure out whether or not some of them are converting and why. Then apply the insights to the other users. Where are they landing? What did they click to get there? What do they do on your website?

I have a full video on Segments here on my channel as well –

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