you can still easily use your touch screen just as normally as you do
Size: approach 16.5cm*10cm
for iphone 4 5 6 6plus 7/ 7plus, for Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5,for HTC M7/M8,the all cell phone’s size under 5.5″

Important Notice:
Before using this product, please do water testing and check whether there is a damaged part, especially around the seal
After using in the water, please make the seal downward to avoid the residual moisture into the inner bag if you need to retrieve the camera.
seal properly you will hear a clicking sound.
After each use, check the seal, dry water and store it with original packaging to avoid strong impacts and scratches
Do not submerge underwater
Package Includes: 5 pcs Waterproof pouch bag (Phone is not included)
1. Fits All iPhone 6/ 6s, 6 Plus iPhone 7/7 Plus, Galaxy S6+, Note 5 4, iPod Touch, HTC One and all other smartphones.
2. Made of ultra waterproof material ensure the function of waterproof.
3. Features a simple snap and lock access, easy to keep out water, snow, dust, sand, and dirt.
4. Off to the beach or relaxing poolside? The transparent waterproof case pouch is Touch Screen-Friendly, enabling you to text and talk while you soak up some sun.
5.Try them out for yourself completely risk free. Your phone and wallet will thank you for it!

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