1- 00:07 Ring is a global home security company owned by Amazon …
a Video Doorbell at your door and Stick Up Cams around the house, you can create a Ring of Security around your entire home.

2- 03:10 Nest Secure Smart Alarm System …
It uses the hub and Detect sensors to monitor your doors and windows. When they’re open, you can view the details on your device and get alerts.

3- 04:41 SimpliSafe Compact Home Security System … &
Protect everything in your home with the new SimpliSafe Compact Home Security System.

4- 06:25 Gate : Your Personal Doorman …
Gate camera-equipped smart lock always watches your home as your personal doorman. This is the first all-in-one solution for home access.

5- 08:18 The World’s Smartest Doorbell : VEIU … &
Eques VEIU Rechargeable Door Camera Peephole Viewer for Your Home Security

6- 09:45 Securifi Almond+ … &
Long Range Touchscreen Wireless Dual Band AC Gigabit WiFi Router / Range Extender / Wireless Bridge / Access Point + Home Automation Hub + Works with Amazon Alexa

7- 12:11 Teodoor – Smart Lock …
a reliable and secure Bluetooth operated smart lock. It fits perfectly on the inside of your door lock in seconds.

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