Work across disciplines – interact smoothly with your team to produce creative output across disciplines, without having to re-create assets. Effortlessly transition fixed graphics – from print or web design – to interactive movies. Build on wireframes and prototypes and convert them to standards-compliant HTML and CSS. Create rich application interfaces that developers can turn into functioning applications with the core design intact. Find inspiration online – fuel your creativity and optimize your collabComplex web pages made approachable – Design and develop more sophisticated websites with the new Live View in Dreamweaver CS4, featuring interactive code editing. Rely on the new Related Files and Code Navigator features to dive deeply into complex pages
Animation and transformational enhancement – Give your content a greater sense of depth with the new 3D transformation tools in Flash CS4 Professional, complete with multireference rotation options. Bring your animations to life with the advanced inverse
Multiple export options from a single creative source – Design once and deploy to many formats without having to re-create your work. Move from Photoshop, Illustrator, or Flash to Fireworks with confidence, thanks to a universal interface design
Faster, more expressive design tools – With Photoshop CS4 Extended, take advantage of greater precision, more intuitive selection, and smoother image navigation, along with comprehensive 3D painting and ray-trace rendering. Illustrator CS4 incorporates mu
Intuitive audion – Amplify your impact with Soundbooth CS4. Multitrack recording capabilities and professional audio editing features make Soundbooth an essential component of your creative toolset, fully integrated into Web Premium

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