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Alexander Starcev UI / UX Designer | Fintech | SaaS | Banking | Dashboard | Web Design

Alexander Starcev UI / UX Designer | Fintech...

I bring your ideas to life in modern solutions on time and according to design specifications, deliver emotions and feelings to your target audience, wrapped in a design.

Hello, my name is Alex, and I love to increase my client’s revenue with design solutions. I am a Product Designer with expertise in UI/UX design focused on FinTech, Banking, Finance, Blockchain, ICO, Real Estate, Crypto, Web SaaS, Enterprise apps industries. My most important feature is ability to listen and understand client needs and attention to any given project. I feel comfortable exploring new ideas and listening to user feedback to make small iterative improvements of the product I’m working on, and to renovate it over and over again, to keep that product competitive on the market and looking good. If you are building MVP and want to check tons of ideas quickly I can help with rapid prototyping. I am focused to be a true reliable partner to my clients.

✍ Few more facts about my lifestyle:
✔ the office hours are from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM. Occasionally I work on weekends and even nights for the overtime rate (+50% to my basic rate);
✔ 5 years of experience creating interactive prototypes and UI design for Websites, Mobile Apps;
✔ NDAs are welcome but I reserve my right to negotiate the terms. Even without a signed NDA, I don’t discuss my work with third-parties. I keep your company information, files and everything else safe.
✔ focus on product issues solving, not design for design, I really love to be a mediator between the client’s product and his customers;
✔ no delegation, I always do my projects on my own without the help of lower skilled designers, you pay for my experience and skills and you always get them;
✔ never fade and perform all the deadlines and promises, I’m open to communication;
✔ appreciating your time, our communications are fast and our processes are clear and smooth
✔ you get one year of the warranty period on all provided files. If they don’t open or look corrupted, or your printer requests something else, please, let me know. I will fix it;
✔ I probably like juicy pizza more than you;

🔨 Tools:
✔ Design: Sketch App, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign;
✔ Prototyping and Wireframing: InVision, Webflow;
✔ Task Management: Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Trello, Evernote;

I’m specialized on:

✔ User Experience Design (UX) (Mid-fidelity wireframes);
✔ User Interface Design (UI) (Hi-fi mockups);
✔ Interaction Design (IxD);
✔ Complex UI: web applications, dashboards, admin panels, SaaS, social networks, analytics & charts;
✔ Mobile App Design (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc);
✔ Wireframes & Real-time prototyping;
✔ UX research: stakeholders and customers interview, competitor analysis;
✔ UX/UI Audit & Consulting;
✔ Interaction Design, Motion Design, and Animation;
✔ Logo Design, Branding, Corporate Identity Kit;
✔ Documentation: personas, user/job stories, information architecture and user-flows, story/journey maps;
✔ Design Reviews (UI/UX/IA);

In case you need more visual effects, you can always check out my Dribbble or Behance Portfolio updates.

💼 Dribbble: and 💼 Behance

If you need to quickly create a MVP, then I will be your ideal partner 🙂 Let’s work together and create fantastic product that will make us proud.

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