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Arlo Ultra 4K Security WiFi Camera Review – Unboxing, Features, Setup, Sample Footage and Issues

Arlo Ultra 4K Security WiFi Camera Review...

Today, we will be checking out the latest security camera from Arlo. The Arlo Ultra which is a 4k Wireless WiFi Security camera. We will do the unboxing, check out the features, setup and show some sample footage.

Also, this camera is not ready for the market. Arlo released this prematurely and It has some major issues that Arlo is trying to fix. Paying customers are their beta testers for this camera.

Current issues:

Connectivity and Offline issues – as of 01/17/19, somewhat fixed.
SD card recording doesn’t record the whole footage
There are instances that an event is not recorded to the cloud or even to the micro SD card. There will be an alert notification but no video.

4k sample footage –
Arlo Ultra Forums –

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