The AudioMX Passive Noise Cancelling In-Ear Stereo Earphones are exceptional for enjoying music and answering phone calls at an affordable price!

Listen to Music Easily

Listening to music via AudioMX EM-11B in-ear stereo earphones is both simple and convenient. Music can be paused by pushing the top button, you can skip to the next song with two clicks of the button, or go back a song with 3 clicks. Volume is also easily regulated by the slide of a button.

Manage Calls

For ease of use, calls can be accepted or rejected with either one click, or a long click. A long click on the top button activates the Siri or voice function making it practical to use for calls when in a vehicle.

Made for Comfort and Durability

The AudioMX EM-11B in-ear stereo earphones have been designed with comfort in mind. The ear buds are contoured and feature tips made from ultra-soft silicone, for a better and more comfortable fit.

Additionally, being made of silicone reduces the chance of the earphones getting damaged if accidentally dropped. The wearable clip allows you to clip the device onto your collar, and the 3.5mm L-shaped jack is made from durable rubber to ensure longevity. A hardwearing carrying case and flat tangle-free cables are also provided with the aim of sustaining the life of the earphones.

Order your AudioMX EM-11B in-ear stereo earphones today to enhance the audio experience of your device!Hard carry case for safe storage and protection; flat tangle-free cables to avoid unwanted tangles; includes a easy snap wearable clip
3 pairs of ear buds in varying sizes (S, M, L) and molded using ultra-soft silicone tips to ensure maximum comfort; L shaped jack made from durable rubber withstands wear and tear for an extended lifespan
Combination built-in microphone and two-button control bar provides one of the most effective drive-by-wire solutions for streaming music and answering phone calls
External noise reduction for a better listening experience through the use of passive noise cancellation technology
Forward and reverse track selection; compatible for use with iPhone, iPod, iPad, and universal Android smartphones

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