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Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis

Video serves as a flipped learning introduction to qualitative data analysis– Created using PowToon — Free sign up at — Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product…

David Gowans – Conversion Optimization from the Conversion Factory

Subscribe to channel: Listen with iTunes: | The Conversion Factory is an award winning conversion optimization tool that has more than 10 years of conversion and integration experience. It has delivered more than 40 conversions and integrations on time and on budget. For them, it’s all about getting the right tools in the right hand…

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Tracking events using Advanced Segments in Google Analytics

Learn how to use the Advanced Segmentation feature in Google Analytics to track events such as video interactions.

Data Science – Hype Vs Truth | Machine Learning vs AI | Big Data Analytics | Data Science Jobs

This video is a webinar recording of Rajib Layek [ Business Analyst Expert ] talking about Data Science Hype vs Reality, Industrial Revolution 4.0, Data Science Application, Machine Learning vs AI, What is Big Data, Big Data Analysis Pipeline, Fraud Detection Case Study, Data Science Jobs , Data Science Roles,Data Science Companies If you dream…

White Hat SEO(Definition and Techniques) Complete SEO Tutorial In Hindi

Seo – White Hat Seo / Search Engine Optimisation Techniques in Hindi Seo – White Hat Seo / Search Engine Optimization Techniques in Hindi. In this video we will talk / teach you about different white hat Seo techniques all the major points reguarding White Hat Seo are coverd within this video. What Is Black…

โลมายักษ์ที่มหาสมุทรแอตแลนติก social media optimization

QDA Miner – Qualitative Data Analysis Software for Qualitative Research

This video is a short introduction to QDA Miner, a qualitative data analysis software for mixed methods research. For more demos and tutorials visit:

Tips for Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Get Your Conversion Plan – Alex has been one of our secret weapons for many years. Many of the great conversion results we got with clients was Alex executing on our advice. Of course clients loved him and you will too if you need better results from your design. Subscribe to YouTube: Subscribe in iTunes:…

5. Pageviews, Visits, and Visitors | Google Analytics IQ Lessons

In this lesson, you will learn: * where to find Pageviews, Visits, and Visitors metrics * how Pageviews, Visits, and Visitors are calculated * the difference between Pageviews and Unique Pageviews * the difference between Absolute Unique Visitors and New vs. Returning Visitors Follow these lessons to prepare for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)…