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shine brighter

The Interview: (Ullman’s office is grey, cold, modern. Jack is sitting opposite Ullman. Jack is sitting in a leather...

Jun 15 · 1 min read >


My eyelids open blink open. Unusual. No lines no dark eye bags. My alarmed pupils dart around the empty...

Jun 3 · 2 min read >

know your worth

Years mature, memories fade, feelings remain  Buried under the days shared  I wish I could promise   But I’m...

Jun 2 · 24 sec read >


The first struck at dawn. Clouds discoloured the daunting skies  Disheveled voices heard through the static  The hollow echo...

Jun 2 · 41 sec read >


Next to you planning trips together Driving license, to run away for the weekend  Endless lists of places, we...

Jun 2 · 42 sec read >

acts of aggression

How I wish you were dead  In my story, you’ve already been killed off A season we just skip...

Jun 2 · 13 sec read >

the first time

I remember our first conversation I remember all the little things you say to me  I remember the first...

Jun 2 · 29 sec read >

the better half

I know I’m not good enough  But I think I could be   You never told me otherwise  ...

Jun 2 · 45 sec read >

of Age

Months ago becoming a year ago Guilt not fading, rather, branded on my soul Blame and denial becoming misery ...

Jun 2 · 56 sec read >