Simple Charging:
Cutting-edge Qi inductive technology simplifies charging into just setting your phone down on the charging pad.

Premium Design:
Breathing LEDs indicate device and charger status. Non-slip charging pad keeps devices secure. Sleek, compact build takes up minimal space.
The Wireless Charging Pad is designed to have slip resistant rubber strips on both side of the plate, which creates high friction between the contact surface,thus to ensure the most stable placement for both your device and the pad itself.Premium Design: LED indicators, non-slip pad, and compact build ensure simple and convenient charging.
Simple to use, the compact charger is ideal for use at home and while you’re traveling.
Note: Qi wireless charger requires Qi receiver, built-in or add-on. (Receiver not included)
Please ensure your device is Qi-compliant and equipped with Qi charging chip, or obtain one separately.
SAFETY WARNING: must be used in conjunction with a maximum 2A power charger. Can be connected also to a PC or laptop through the cable.

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