Basic Report Interaction – The Business User Series for Power BI

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Basic Report Interaction is Part 1 in our three-part Business User Video Series. This Power BI tutorial shows you the need-to-know basics of interacting with a Power BI report. We cover everything from using slicers and cross filters to drill up and down/through and filter icons. Ready to slice and dice your data and make informed decisions? Let’s get to it…

 Who is this video series for?

Your main concern is understanding data and making data-driven decisions. You don’t know the ins and outs of Microsoft Power BI, but you need this tool for all things data. The CSG Pro Business User Video Series is a Power BI tutorial you’ll love.

The Business User Video Series will help you:

– Understand how to use key Microsoft Power BI reports so you can drive the most organizational value.
– Make important data-driven decisions, then take action strategically.
– Gain confidence in the best way to use Power BI for the greater good of your organization.

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