STARTING TODAY: Get Rid Of Your Ugly, Bulky Phone Holders – The Tiny Magnetic Car Mount By Caseco Is Here To Stay!

Are you looking for a phone holder for your car that won’t destroy its beautiful style?

Do you want a convenient car mount holder that will keep your phone securely in place while driving?

Meet The World’s Smallest Magnetic Cell Phone Holder & Upgrade Your Driving Experience Today!

Thanks to its advanced design, the Core 360° car holder can be mounted to any car in seconds.

Just attach it to a flat surface in your car, stick the ultra thin metal ring (that comes with an adhesive tape) to your phone or it’s case and you are done!

Now every time you enter your car, you can just attach your phone on this great magnetic holder and make sure that it will stay right there till you reach your destination!

Drive with peace of mind, this magnet is so strong that your phone will never fall off, even when driving on bumpy roads!

Perfect View – Designed To Exceed Your Expectations!

The simple mechanism in the Core 360° allows for a full 360° rotation in both vertical and horizontal view, while it can also be tilted according to your needs.

And the best part? The metal ring that attaches to your phone is so thin and discreet that you won’t even notice it.

Your smartphone can still slip in and out of your pocket with ease and the ring can be easily removed without leaving scratches or residue to your favorite phone.

Note that for your convenience you will receive 2 rings to use with your different devices!

Still Struggling With Your Regular Phone Holder?

Offer The Best Home To Your Precious Smartphone- Add To Cart Today!THE WORLDS SMALLEST PHONE HOLDER FOR YOUR CAR: Forget bulky, inconvenient phone holders that destroy the image of your car. The Caseco phone holder features the most compact and elegant design, making it the worlds smallest phone holder, which works like a charm for any car and with any phone. For your convenience, this value pack includes 2 metal rings so you can use it for 2 separate devices
EASY INSTALLATION: All you need to do to install this amazing phone holder in your car is to press the adhesive firmly to the dashboard and attach the metal ring to your phone or to its case
TOP NOTCH QUALITY – POWERFUL MAGNETIC MOUNT: The Core 360 phone holder includes high quality 3M VHB adhesives and a powerful heavy duty neodymium magnet for secure and durable hold. Make sure that your android or iPhone Smartphone will stay in place even while driving fast on uneven roads
PERFECT 360 VIEW: The advanced design of this amazing magnetic car holder offers you a full 360 rotation, in both vertical and horizontal position while it can also be tilted. Keep an eye on your GPS or answer your calls hands-free, and drive with utmost safety. This handy holder is definitely a lifesaver for Uber and Lyft drivers
UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Unlike similar products that use magnetic rings for your phone that can demagnetize your credit cards causing you serious problems, this smart holder provides a metal ring that is not a magent. The ring is ultra thin and almost invisible. It can be applied to any case or directly to any phone up to 1.3 LBS

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