Data Analytics

Using SAP Predictive Analytics in the Casino industry

Learn how SAP Predictive Analytics can be used to drive customer engagement to increase Casino Hotel Resort profitability.

Multiple Linear regression analysis using Microsoft Excel's data analysis toolpak and ANOVA Concepts

Learn how to conduct multiple linear regression using Excel data analysis toolpak

WIX : How To Add Google Analytics To Your Website

Tutorial showing you How To Add Google Analytics To A Wix Website. Don’t forget to subscribe our Channel.

Gaming Disorder: GGT chats with Narz, Video Game + eSports Psychology + Data Analytics Expert

Qutee Discussion – “Video Game Addiction: Fact or Fiction?” The World Health Organization (WHO) recently added a new “Gaming Disorder” diagnosis, described as a pathological addiction to video games. Breaking things down and offering an alternative perspective, is Psychology and Data Analytics expert in eSports and video games, as well as the founder of…

Statistical Consultancy and Data Analysis Company | Is the process of Data management daunting? Worry no more! Here at Statswork. We will walk you through the process! First you start with data aggregation- as the name suggests it is the gathering of the data. Next is data cleaning- where you segregate the data and filter it to your primary objective, Data…

Is Google Analytics data a factor in a page's ranking?

A, from San Francisco asks: “Are stats from Analytics (bounce rate, time on site) a factor in a page’s or domain’s ranking?”

Predictive Analytics Explained via Table Tennis

Ken Miller, Product Director at Panintelligence uses a table tennis analogy to explain predictive analytics. Mike Cripps, our MD also features in the video.

Best Influencer Marketing Platform | Powerful YouTube Data Analysis Tools 2019

Are you worried about the ROI of Influencer Marketing?🤔 Are you struggling with which influencer you want to work with?🤔 No worries, here we come!😎 Noxinfluencer has the powerful search engine that brings you Youtube channel insights in different dimensions. Views & subscriber growth trend analysis?✅ Youtube channels compare?✅ Live sub count function?✅ Top100 Youtubers…

How to create Google Analytics Conversion Goals

In this video, WebShare will step you through how to create conversion goals in Google Analytics. We will also discuss different types of goals, how to compute a goal value and the different match types.