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Big Data Analytics and IoT Industrial | Business Intelligence

Transitioning from the stereotypical resource based economy to industrial. How IoT, Big Data, and Analytics will push disruption in Canadian industries and lead into a new revolution?

An Introduction to Secondary Data Analysis for Research on Children and Adolescents

This webinar is intended to provide a practical introduction to secondary data analysis for research on children and adolescents. The session will begin with defining secondary data analysis, followed by identifying the advantages and disadvantages of secondary data analysis, and then move to methods for selecting and processing existing data (including IRB approval, how to…

How to Tag and Track Your Facebook Ads with Google Analytics

How to Tag and Track Your Facebook Ads with Google Analytics Tracking your stats and knowing your numbers when paying for advertising is essential. Without properly tracking your stats, you are playing the guessing game. You will not be able to make educated decisions on what to do next. You will not know which ads…

How Data Analytics Impact Employee Benefits

Did you know that having the right data can impact employee benefit costs? Jen discusses strategies related to employee participation in health care programs with Kristin Ryan, an audit senior manager and one of the faces of PKF Texas’ Employee Benefit Plan team.

Data Analysis in Julia with Data Frames (John Myles White)

DataFrames ( is one of the most widely used Julia packages. This session is an introduction to data analysis with Julia using DataFrames. Slides: Visit to download Julia.

Adding Google Analytics Code to Joomla 3

Joomla Tutorial to Add Google Analytics code to Joomla. See more details here:

#GHCI15: Practical Machine Learning and Data Analytics

PhD thesis : data analysis Free peer tuition online at: The Free School. Supporting graduate research scholars.

Google Analytics Training – Become Analytics Specialist – Learn Google Analytics Training – We use Analytics to traffic reports and make decisions based on the data. Call us on 9052425444

David Shrier – “Big data analytics and new forms of measurement for social impact”

David Shrier will show how big data is being used as a new data source, to overcome important data gaps to improve the quality of existing performance measurement for social impact. Big data typically are high-volume, high velocity and high-variety data, that require innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision-making. By using…