Google Analytics – How to see visits per page

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One Million Arab Coders: Data Analyst Track

Introduction to SEO Video Courtesy of Search Engine Optimization Philippines FB Group

Want to learn about SEO?, SEO Specialist Philippines – Here’s an introduction to SEO video which is recorded in TagLish (Tagalog and English). If you want to know more about SEO, learn from the free learning resources posted at Search Engine Optimization FB group: Keywords: SEO Specialist Philippines Glenn Mark Dizon What is…

Module 3 – Day 1 – 2 – Refreshing data analysis

Module 3: Operational research and scientific paper writing – Timetable The purpose of this module is to help participants perform a final analysis, interpret the results of their studies and turn these into a scientific paper for submission to a national or international peer review journal for publication. How to deal with on-line submission and…

Why you need to use Google Optimise to boost your conversion rates

Need help with Google Optimise? Learn more and get in touch here: If some pages on your website are not performing very well, it’s really important to diagnose any problems so that you can fix them and get those conversion rates back up. Even if your webpages are performing relatively well, you could still potentially…

Learn the Basics of Google Analytics 2017 including GA Updates Quick and Easy – GA1

Quick and Easy Guide to Learning and Understanding Google Analytics from A2Z, including the New Updates to the UI introduced in 2017. Follow along with this simple way to learn the basics of Google Analytics in the most efficient way possible.

Your long-term social media plan

Once you start engaging with social media, you’ll realise pretty quickly: it helps to get organised. Putting together a serious plan for how you want to invest in social media will really help. In this video, we’ll cover: – the benefits of creating a plan for social media – what a social media plan might…

#2 SEO Tutorials for Beginners | Keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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How to clear Math Aptitude test Data Analyst |Data Scientist #DataAnalyst #DataScientist

About Nikhil Analytics: In the current market Scenario Every #Company takes #Data driven decisions. Hence they have started or starting its Analytics and Data Science Team or outsourced it to #AnalyticsConsultingCompanies. This team is responsible for #DataExtraction, #DataPreparation, #DataAnalytics (Performing different Statistical Tests based on the objective, preparing statistical models) and implementing #MachineLearningAlgorithms. This Team…

Visualization and Data Analysis in College Athletics

Data analytics in sports is everywhere. A recent boom in advanced metrics and statistics Major League Baseball and NBA basketball has led to big data’s ascent to relevance in mainstream entertainment. These large data sets, however, are not limited to professional sports or even statistics. As athletic data becomes more reliably available, opportunities for college…