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1) Rank high in search engines
2) Get quality clicks to your website
3) Convert those clicks into paying customers

At Overflow Cafe we aim to boost your website rankings in search engines so that when people are searching for what you sell they find you first and find you more often.

We want those potential customers to click on your website link and spend time on your website. We want them to actually purchase something from you.

What’s the point of your website if it doesn’t rank well in search engines? You need a site that ranks well, that has quality traffic from your target audience and you need those people to buy.

A reasonable conversion rate is 1% of your visitors make a purchase. We’ve seen conversion rates go from zero to 1% then 3% and we have clients who are north of 10% but that’s rare.

If you need further help converting your visitors into paying customers please contact our friendly team, we’ll do our best to help you 🙂

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