November 15, 2019

Data Analyst Career Path

DATA ANALYST CAREER PATH // There are 4 main directions your data analyst career path is likely to take depending on your interests and skills. Your options are really wide open though and can easily be tailored to what you’re interested in

We’ll look at the main data analytics career paths and the jobs people in each path are likely to hold.

The four main data analyst career paths are:

Data Analyst Specialist – This is a data analyst that stays in the role, developing their technical skills.
Data Analyst Subject Matter Expert (SME) – This type of data analyst becomes a specialist in an industry, business division, or technology.
Management – Good analysts have a lot of the same skills that make a good manager. This is definitely an option that’s available.
Lateral Moves – Your data analyst skills will open up a variety of opportunities to make lateral moves into other areas of business.

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