DrupalCon Latin America 2015: Conversion Rate Optimization

Speakers: joshmiller
Learn about the best-practices for increasing sales by using simple and effective changes to the user experience. We go from simple untargeted optimizations to advanced intelligent optimizations and everything in-between.


We all have anonymous users that we want to do something. This is fundamental to the internet and nearly all websites. Often, we’re just talking about a visitor trying to find a piece of information and every once in awhile at Commerce Guys we get to participate and lead discussions on best-practices for increasing sales by using simple and effective changes to the customer experience. As we move from the assembled web phase into the experience web phase, we will need to leverage simple and powerful ways to convert those users that end up on our sites.

Talking Points

The presentation is broken up into two halves: Un-targeted optimizations, and intelligent optimizations. Attendees should walk away with valuable insights that could be implemented on almost any site. Some time will be given to specifically talking about Drupal Commerce and checkout workflow. This presentation isn’t Drupal version specific, but any screenshots and module suggestions will be for Drupal 7. For Drupal 8 fans, we will take a look at some new possibilities planned for Commerce 8.x-2.x.

We’ll also spend some time talking about industry-standard tools and how they integrate into any Drupal site to help us create intelligent optimizations that are intended to lead specific kinds of users to the desired outcome.

Who will benefit from this talk

Anyone who wants their users to “convert” faster and easier.

About us and this blog

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