The Neos Smartcam is one of the best budget-friendly DIY home security smart camera systems that I’ve tested, boasting Full HD recording, free cloud streaming, night vision and full iOS/Android app support for just £20 UK!

After unboxing the Smartcam, I show you how to quickly setup the camera and connect it to your home WiFi. You can then check out the video feed using the Neos app (under beta when this review was recorded), and download clips or stills to your phone.

The Neos app will alert you via your iPhone or Android mobile’s notifications if the Smartcam spots or hears something dodgy while you’re out. And you can check out a full list of events, which are stored to the cloud for 14 days free of charge. The whole system works beautifully, for peace of mind without spending crazy money.

If you’re on a tight budget but want a fully-featured smart camera for securing your house, this Neos offering is one of my favourites. Check out my other reviews of smart home gadgetry.

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