This transparent silicone case is made out of tough impact absorbing silicone rubber. The case is available in 5 different shades, all with complete visual transparency. This simple yet elegant case has a high gloss finish with no frosting, giving a complete visual transparency to your device. With our new slim-fitting low profile design, this case provides the robust protection of a hard case and the form-fitting flexibility of a soft case. Carefully crafted for a precise form fit. This case features full body protection in a slim, bulk-free fashionably-aware way that enhances your devices appearance. Delivering everyday protection against impacts, scratches, dirt, dust and everyday hazards. Full access to all controls and a simple way to give your device a complete colour make-over.Flexible and low profile like a soft case, but robust and impact-absorbing like a hard case.
Complete Visual Transparency with Opening to all connections and controls
Made from durable high quality TPU silicone Gel and supplied with a Screen Protector and Cloth
Designed for iPhone 5S adn Fits iPhone 5 as well as the iPhone SE
Perfect Fit, Smart and intelligent design allow you to plug the charger, and access all iPhone features without removing the case

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