February 15, 2020

Friday's Informal Facebook Film | Microsoft 8, Nielsen's Social Media report, YouTube Optimization

Welcome to the 8th feature of Friday’s Informal Facebook Film, the weekly video blog of Ramblin Jackson, Inc.

This week, Nielsen released a report that four out of every five american adults use Social Networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn, and that one out of every four minutes they spend online is using those sites… no report as to how much time they actually spend working.

In other news, Microsoft unveiled a beta version of Windows 8 to their developers at their BUILD conference in Anaheim, Calif., on Tuesday. The new operating system features a touch interface. Windows 8 should come out sometime in 2012. Will this big gamble pay off, or will it yield yet another blue screen of death…

PRO TIP: Use Keywords in your YouTube descriptions, titles & tags.
Did you know that YouTube is the second most-used search engine since 2008? Many businesses make the mistake of uploading videos titled “Promotional Video 5.mov” or something like that, and we recommend that you use keywords in your video title, description and tags to help people find your video through search.

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