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FX Math Solver

FX Math Solver

Will guide you how to solve your math homework and textbook problems, anytime, anywhere.

FX Math Solver is a comprehensive math software, based on an automatic mathematical problem solving engine,
and ideal for students preparing term math exams, ACT, SAT, and GRE:

– Over 1,500 sample math problems and fully animated solution steps
– Scientific calculator supported
– Graphing calculator supported
– Automatic problem solving and generation of fully animated step-by-step procedures for problems typed in by users
– User friendly math problem expression editor (WYSIWYG mode)

Math Solver covers problems at the level of Pre-Algebra, Algebra1, Algebra2, and Calculus courses:

– Number operations: add, subtract, multiply, divide
– Prime factorization
– Mixed number
– Complex number

– Basic expression simplification:
– polynomial – factorization, long-division
– rational
– radical
– exponential and log/ln
– sin, cos, tan, ..
– Matrix
– Equations, system of equations
– Inequalities

– Function

– Graphing

– Limit

– Differentiation

– Integral

By Euclidus Inc

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