Jami Lukins, Technical UI Designer, Bungie
Jennifer Ash, UX Designer, Bungie
Orvar Halldorsson, UI/UX Director, Bungie

Evolution of a Role: UX and UI Tech Design

Discipline roles within UX have shifted considerably over the last few years. Bungie has not only changed its development process over the last 3 years, but also role responsibilities within the UI/UX organization. The UI Team transitioned from being within the Art discipline to Design. Jenn, currently a UX Designer, started her as a UI/UX Designer in a waterfall development process. Jami, currently a Technical Designer, started her role as a UI Artist as AGILE was adopted by the company. Hear how the roles have changed, what they entail, what has worked and what has room for improvement as development continues to evolve.

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