January 16, 2020

Google Analytics: How to analyze website traffic – Ep: 13

While it’s important to drive traffic to your website, it’s also (and even MORE) important to know how visitors are finding, navigating, and interacting with your website. What content is driving visitors there, or what content is keeping them engaged? Are visitors coming to your homepage and then leaving? In this episode of MindscapeTV, we’ll show you how to use the reporting features in Google Analytics to gain a better understanding of how traffic is navigating to and from your website.

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1:01 – How to tell what content from your website is generating traffic (top pages)
1:59 – Where to look to see how traffic is navigating in and out of certain pages
3:07 – What your visitor flow looks like on your website
5:59 – Changing the segmentation of traffic sources in your report

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