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October 22, 2018

Google SEO How To Rank in Google Yahoo & Bing – – SEO I Want to Be #1 in Google Give Us A Call +1(509)910-7727 PST – Google SEO Ranking Top 3 on Page 1 In Yahoo Bing & Google for the the search term: (Yakima Web Design) in 2017.

Check out in (New York Web Design)
We Should be on Page 1 at the Top 10 or Better

Check out in (Seattle Web Design)
We Should be on Page 1 at the Top 10 or Better

Check out in (Yakima Web Design)
We Should be on Page 1 at the Top 10 or Better

7. Reasons Why in Google Your Website is not #1 or Top 3

(1) Good Title Tag

(2) Use Your Keyword in Your Domain (Yakima Web Design)
is in the domain name from left to right just add the site in between and still gets high ranked for just the term (Yakima Web Design) even tho its says yakimawebsitedesign got it good now moving on

(3) Good Keyword Meta Tag

(4) Good Description Meta Tag –
Again these are the things the google see’s first so think about it

(5) URL BACKLINK’S ( ) Good Source

(6) CONTENT IS KING Create Great Content and keep doing so

(7) H1 and H2 and H3 use of Your Keyword in your Main and any sub urls on your website this is great with good content (What is an H1 or H2 or H3 tag it is a Font Size in the HTML of your website)

(8) Alt tags in your images for your keywords (What is an Alt tag is just links your picture to a keyword for google images) Type in Google: How to create a alt image tag in html if you don’t know how

(9) Social Marketing on Facebook and Twitter and Youtube is always good also putting a video on your website help drastically

(10) Use the Anchor text Keyword your trying to target with your Backlinks is one of the most important things above all to get high ranked in google you need sindications listings like yellowpages , google places , yahoo places , bing places and many others a good place to hire someone is they do a great job they cost little under $1200 but well worth it to get high ranked unless you do it yourself (difficult but not impossible)

We Are A Top on Google SEO Consultant and Website Consultant on The West Coast We Know Everything you Need To Know about SEO or Search Engine Optimization or Web Marketing on the Internet Today.

We Can Get Your Business Locally or Internationally Number 1 or Top 3 in Yahoo BIng and Google for any industry on the internet toady

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Robert Hutchinson
Skype: RobbyHutch
Phone: 1(509)910-7727 –PST

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