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I created this workshop to train my team. I use these exact materials to get them up to speed and working with our Agency clients.

This workshop will provide you with a powerful outcome of being able to DESIGN, BUILD & OPTIMIZE High-Quality Marketing Funnels.

If a client has a website, they might very well need your services after this course. The need for Funnel marketers is rising rapidly due to the influencer era and desire to have an online business. There are also millions of professionals such as doctors, lawyers and real estate agents who will want to hire funnel marketers.

But the real reason anyone wants to know how to build funnels is that so they can one day build their own funnel for their own product or brand. This is the dream to own a profitable funnel or MANY of them.

Lots of people are paying others to try and figure out this digital marketing game, but the fact is, it’s about building a great funnel with solid offers and as much brand power you can muster. If you do not understand the complete funnel, aka the campaign – you will struggle to find profitability.

This workshop will provide you with clarify on modern funnel marketing strategies including lead magnet product development, email ascension marketing and conversion rate optimization methodologies.

This program is online but it also includes access to me during office hours for 3 months. Along with lifetime access to the course materials, this should be enough to have you selling and building funnels for others by Q3 2020.

And if that isn’t enough, anyone who registers for my workshop will also get lifetime access to my private network – ‘The Collective’. This is for my student alumni to gather and continue to learn together. The digital marketing world won’t stop turning so having a tribe who can support you is essential.

I look forward to seeing you inside the workshop and helping you transform into a stronger freelance marketer and brand builder than ever before.

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