How to Set Up Google Analytics – Tutorial for Beginners 2020

Set up & install Google Analytics on ALL websites (WordPress, Wix, Shopify etc.) Tutorial for Beginners.

Make a Website in 10 Minutes ➜

Google Analytics is a powerful free tool that tracks your website and marketing performance so you can improve it.

By the end of this Google Analytics Tutorial, you will have Google Analytics set up and you how to use Google Analytics to see things like:

– How many people are visiting your website
– If visitors are coming from google, facebook or other sites and
– Which pages of your website are getting the most views.

Let’s get started!

Timestamps, click below to skip ahead!
00:00 – 0. Intro
00:38 – 1. How to Create a Google Analytics Account
01:57 – 2. How to Install the Google Analytics Tracking Code
04:50 – 3. How to Verify Google Analytics is Working

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