If you have a regular English or any other PC keyboard, you can easily convert it to a Russian/Cyrillic/Ukrainian/English just apply the stickers to the appropriate keys.Laminated construction enhances look and maximizes durability. Mat finish eliminates reflections. Clear transparent background makes sticker invisible, and alows existing characters to show through. When using or cleaning the keyboard with stickers applied, please do not use liquids containing acetone and other solvents (for example, liquids for cleaning fingernails), because they can cause damage to the protective surface of the stickers.Russian and Russian/Ukrainian Cyrillic Notebook Keyboard Stickers – Laminated Mat
Red color on a transparent background – specially for light keyboards of Notebooks and Laptops!
Transparent stickers allow you to keep your existing characters and add the new letters to the right lower corner of a key
High Quality Adhesive material keeps labels in place until intentionally removed.
Clear Alternative stickers do not collect dirt and the color does not deteriorate with time.

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