November 14, 2019

Introduction to SPSS for data analysis: overview of SPSS

Need to use SPSS for a project/dissertation? Start your journey here. In this 1st video in the series SPSS for Newbies I present an overview of SPSS, and tell you how to use my other videos.

Guide to getting started with SPSS.
0:46 What does SPSS do, and can I use Excel instead?
1:13 Does it matter what version of SPSS I use?
2:02 Who uses SPSS?
3:14 How to use SPSS – (what SPSS looks like, point and click; syntax)
5:48 Managing output in SPSS
10:28 How to download a free trial of SPSS for Windows and mac
13:12 Where to go next for help/ How to analyze my data in SPSS?

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