January 14, 2020

Master of Predictive Analytics Launch – What you can study | Curtin University

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Curtin is offering a two-year master degree course in Predictive Analytics that gives you both the skills you need to meet growing industry demand and specialist knowledge in resource operations engineering, asset management and productivity or finance and investment analytics.

Chapter markers:
0:00 MC Craig Smart – Introduction
0:34 Andris Stelbovics, Pro Vice Chancellor Science & Engineering
1:56 Tony Travaglione, Pro Vice Chancellor Curtin Business School
3:22 Mary Hackett, GE Oil and Gas
4:54 David Letts, Western Australian Treasury Corporation
6:07 Tom Houghton, Curtin Graduate School of Business
7:16 Brian Evans, Curtin Graduate School of Business
8:33 Ling Li, School of Electrical Engineering and Computing
9:09 Felix Chan, School of Economics and Finance

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