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Medical Terminology Quiz Game

Medical Terminology Quiz Game

Medical Terminology Quiz is the most comprehensive medical quiz app which contains handpicked questions from Medical Science which covers various topics like Anatomy with diagrams, physiology, Biochemistry, Embryology, Genetics, Histology, Microbiology and many more.

This handy application is designed with precision and understanding to give you a boost of brain power and at the same time a refresher. This Terminology App is for professionals, students and whoever is interested in increasing knowledge or refreshing what you know in this field.

With four different game strategies this app happens to give you the edge to stay ahead . A handy reference and learning program for common medical terms, abbreviations, and prefix, suffixes.

This play ready app can be thoroughly enjoyed whether you are on a plane, at your comfort zone, waiting for a friend, at the taxi, bus or train station, at the back seat of a car or even at work. Take part in the fun, challenge your friends and climb the leaderboards while earning trophies and test your skills.

– Turn the timer On or Off,
– Picture based learning,
– 4 game strategies,
– No hassle, made easy to read and answer questions swiftly
– Challenge your Friends and all around the globe.
– Includes over 100 levels.
– Spelling challenge,
-Affluent design just to please your experience and pleasure

By Ameer Moosa

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