Nest Secure Home Security System Review

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Google’s Nest Secure is an extremely modern security system consisting of only one Nest Guard, two Nest Detect Sensors, and two Nest Tags. In this review, we pair the system with the Nest Cam Indoor, which we already owned.

The Nest Guard is the base station of your security system. Unlike a mounted keypad, the Nest Guard is a portable cylinder that combines many items. It’s both a base station, a keypad, an alarm, and a motion sensor all in one. To arm or disarm the system, you can just tap your Nest Tag over the Nest Guard. You can also use the Nest app, enter your passcode on the Guard, or vocally command your system through Google Assistant. The Nest Detect Sensors are basically entry sensors with pet sensitivity, so they won’t be set off every time your small dog runs by.

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