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Ninox Database

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Genre: Business

Price: $34.99

Release Date: August 1, 2014


Ninox is the perfect toolset for small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers and individuals to organize.

„I love this app. It’s perfect for what I need. It is very flexible and you can customize it in every way.“- by cft22276
„This database is easy to setup and use. You can make changes even after it’s in use.“- by HJB
„I have a customised database for my business that is streamlining my work in ways I hadn't imagined possible.“ – by Goppyb

Since Ninox is a general-purpose database, you can create literally anything with Ninox.
For the most common use-cases like invoicing, billing, accounting, project management or sales you don’t need to start from scratch. Just pick a template and adopt it to your needs.

Manage your contacts, events and meetings. Create invoices and organize your collections or inventories.

Looking for more than just a spreadsheet? Ninox goes the extra mile:

– Functions to aggregate data from multiple tables
– Relations between tables
– Embedding sub-tables in forms
– Triggers to execute scripts upon change of data

This is not just a tiny advantage, it's a game changer. Even if you don't start making use of advanced features, soon your requirements will grow. And Ninox will deliver.


Create & Customize
– Drag & drop table editor to add data fields and create relations
– Build calculations with the visual formula editor
– Structure data entry form with layout elements

Collect & Record
– 19 different field types available
– Attach files and images

View & Report
– Apply filters
– Group records by any criteria
– Create multiple views to slice and dice your data

Data Visualisation
– Calendar
– 7 chart types
– Location on maps
– Show data model

Print Layouts
– Print layout designer to create PDF files from records
– Print whole table view to PDF or HTML

Export & Import
– Export to CSV or Excel
– Import CSV Files
– Import from Contacts
– Import Bento Files

Scripting Language
– Triggers on create and update
– Action buttons
– Control structures like if / then / else and loops

iOS and Mac App
– Available for Mac, iPad and iPhone
– iCloud Sync across devices


– Keep track of your contacts

Meetings and Events
– Make membership lists, plan events and meetings.

– Write and print invoices

– Manage your orders and inventory

To-Do List
– Overview your projects and toDo lists.

Working hours
– Plan your staff and personal, keep track of working hours

Recipes and Collections
– Organize your recipes, films or music collections

Real Estates
– This is for real estate management and administration


To find more information, please visit our website or Let us know if there are questions and drop us a line: We are glad to help.

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