OptiCon 2014: Conversion Optimization: The World Beyond Headlines & Button Color

Patrick McKenzie, Software Developer at Kalzumeus Software

You’ve run A/B tests.

You’re long past the point where “Guess Which Alternative Won” articles teach you something useful.

– How do you get to the next level of conversion optimization?
– How do you get it to be a repeatable team effort?
– How do you retain organizational know-how about previous tests?
– How do you track conversions over more involved funnels?
– How do you keep the team onboard with testing for years at a time?
– How do you manage the engineering aspects of changes which are more in–depth than changing the marketing site?

This session delves into the “Here There Be Dragons” parts of the testing map. Patrick McKenzie, Software Developer at Kalzumeus Software and Bingo Card Creator, has helped a dozen companies through testing maps, and he presents some of the mistakes he’s made so that you don’t have to repeat them—and also a success or two.

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