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QuickWin Clinic | Episode 16: The Goal of an Email is to Get a Click (MarketingSherpa Summit 2017)

QuickWin Clinic | Episode 16: The Goal of an...

How to improve a direct sales email by clarifying the objective

As marketers, we tend to forget that we don’t sell anything in an email. An email’s objective is not to get a purchase; it is to get a click. We should be asking the question, “What would drive the most possible clicks to the page where the purchase can happen?”

In this Quick Win Clinic episode (recorded live at MarketingSherpa Summit 2017), Flint McGlaughlin optimizes a fundraising email for “Touchdowns Against Cancer” to help the nonprofit (and our viewers) increase the odds of getting a click on their emails.
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This was published on 05/2017, but we’re making it freely available to our YouTube subscribers starting on 01/2019.

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