Key Features:
– Ability to connect an unlimited number of ecommerce sites and user accounts.
– Seamless transfer and publication directly to Magento.
– Flexible selection of product attributes, tone, and style.
– Customizable options for content length, target audience, and user roles.
– Enhanced image analysis feature improves generated text by extracting details from product images, enhancing descriptions for items with complex names or limited data.
– AI recommendations for target markets.
– Keyword analysis and semantic keyword suggestions.
– Keyword density monitoring for SEO.
– Text rewriting capabilities.
– Reference product feature maintains consistency in tone, style, and layout with existing products.
– Content review history log and bulk content management tools.
– Support for multiple stores.
– Chrome extension enables content management, allowing for easy tagging of products for fact-checking or rewriting. offers two operational modes: ‘ Single’ and ‘ Bulk’. In ‘ Single’, users can adjust settings for individual products before generating text, while ‘ Bulk’ generates text for multiple products simultaneously without human intervention.

This extension enables connections to unlimited ecommerce sites and facilitates the creation of multiple user accounts at no additional expense. Single

In this mode, users have the ability to set the tone, style, and target audience for individual products, conduct thorough keyword analysis, and choose semantic keywords and product attributes to incorporate into the generated text. produces personalized content in just around 50 seconds, allowing users to review and make adjustments before publishing. This mode is designed to cater to the specific requirements of the target audience, emphasizing SEO optimization. Bulk Bulk streamlines the process of generating text for multiple products at once by enabling users to select various products and maintain a uniform tone, style, and attributes for all selected items. This mode is designed for speed and efficiency, making it ideal for handling large-scale content creation requirements.

Language supported

To cater to a diverse user base, Version 1.2 introduces support for multiple languages, such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, and Italian. This enhancement allows businesses to effortlessly generate content in their Magento site’s language, broadening their reach and enhancing customer engagement on a global scale. dynamically adapts its output according to the language of your website. If a specific language is not supported, the tool defaults to English. The translation of the interface is currently underway.


Disclaimer: is an independent tool developed to work with Magento. It is not affiliated or endorsed by Magento.

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