January 14, 2020

Selfies Sell: Instagram Social Media Optimization

There is no question of the importance of incorporating social media as a way of generating website traffic. Social media platforms that are primarily visual, like Instagram, have a different impact on search engine optimization than other platforms. Instagram is a social media platform that search engine optimization (SEO) specialists and online marketers are turning to as a means of brand awareness.
People already on Facebook have effortless access to Instagram, particularly those with an ad account already running. This is because a lot of ads stream on both platforms, due to Facebook owning Instagram. By optimizing Instagram, you can significantly enhance your exposure on Facebook to grow your following and increase brand awareness.
Instagram is playing a huge role in making the Internet visual. With semi-professional cameras on every smartphone, many are now chronicling their lives through photos, videos, and stories posted on Instagram. Businesses are taking notice, realizing the incredible potential of this photo-sharing platform.

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