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Setup Google Analytics Tracking Code in Website 2019

Setup Google Analytics Tracking Code in...

In this video you can learn how to setup and install google analytics tracking code in your website so that you could track how many visitors visit your website along with their demographics, which country and city they visiting from and what pages they visiting and how long they view the page. This data allows you to improve the webpages accordingly.

1. In this tutorial I will show you how to set-up google analytics in your website.

2.First step is to setup google analytics for your website.

3. Log into your google account and Type and Search for google analytics in your browser and click this second search result Link.

4. Next click signup on this your google account on this page.

5. Next in this page, you need to create a new account. Here you can either track your website or your mobile app.

6. In this tutorial I want to track my website. hence the website tab selected.

7. Next Type a appropriate Account Name that represent your google analytics account.

8. Next type the name of the property You wish to track, the property to tarck may be a wordpress blogsite, website, youtube channel or shopping site.

9. So enter your website name in the website name box.

10. Next, enter the url of your website.

11. Next select the industry category your website belongs to.

12. Next choose the Reporting time zone you prefer or belong to.

13. Next click and Unclick the Data Sharing Settings check box that you prefer And finally click Get Tracking ID button.

14. Next, need to read and accept all the terms and conditions by google analaytics and google data sharing terms where applicable and click I accept Button below.

15. And we are done setting-up google analytics tracking code for our website.

16 This is your google analytics Tracking ID and below your website tracking code.

17. We need to install this peice of code in the header section in all the pages of our website which we wish to track.

18. Lets head to the webhosting account where our website pages are stored. my site is in godaddy, all webhost are the same for website code editing.

19. Once signed into godaddy, click manage button under webhosting, then next click cpanel admin.

20. In the next page click File manager under files section and next click public HTML folder.

21. Next search for the website folder where your website pages are stored if you have more than one website like me in your webhosting account.

22. And next select the web page and click Edit button in the top menu.

23. Next copy the website Tracking code from google analytics site and paste it just above the closing header tag and next click Save chnages button in the top right.

24. Similarly add the tracking code in all the pages of the website which you need tracking.

25. We are done adding the google analytics tracking code into your website, and can view the google analytics data in a few days in your google analytics website once there is enough data to analyse.

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