The size is 5.5 inches, can be used for iphone 6p and 6sp. The product is made of superior tempered glass. Combine with high standard cutting technique, this screen protector brings your phone not only higher safety, but also keeps its original touch feeling.

Package contents
1* Tempered Glass Screen Protector
1* Alcohol cleaning wipe
1* Dust removal

Use the screen cleaning wipe to clean the phone touch screen first
Use the dust-free cloth to wipe off any alcohol residues on the screen
Apply the protector to your phone and peel off the protective layer
Press the middle of the protector lightly, the glass will automatically stick on to the screen.
Tips: keep your hands clean before you apply the screen protector; Make sure you stick the protected side on to your phone screen

12-Month Warranty
You can contact us within the one year if the protector becomes defective

High standard 3D cutting technique gives a comfortable touch feeling
Full cover design protects every corner of your phone screen
Tempered glass with 9H hardness would be more scratch resistant
0.3mm in thickness
99% light transmittance

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