SEO Reporting, The Best Reports for Search Engine Optimization

This video was inspired by a blog post: In this video, we learn about SEO reporting. These are the search engine optimization reports that your boss wants to see. They are also the reports that can help you maximize your SEO efforts the most.

Google Analytics Acquisition Reports and Traffic Analysis – GA 4

Learn about Google Analytics Acquisition Reports. Analyze the Traffic coming to your Website. Understand the Performance of your Marketing Campaigns and Strategies. Decide on what is a Successful or Failure Digital Promotion. Find out if Social Media is driving Engaged Traffic to your website. Is your Traffic valuable and converting. Learn to answer all these…

Google Analytics Behavior Reports – GA 5

Analyze User Engagement on your website using the Behavior reports in Google Analytics. Learn how to navigate the Behavior Section in an Easy and Quick way. Understand how to read the Behavior Metrics in Google Analytics. Understand the Site Content and learn the difference between All Pages and Landing Pages. What is Content Drill down…