At the BMW Group, technology supports people. | Episode III: Data analytics the Bavarian way.

Building a car generates massive amounts of data throughout the value chain. The BMW Group uses its Smart Data Analytics digitalisation cluster to analyse this data selectively and enhance its production system. Results from intelligent data analysis make an effective contribution towards improving quality in all areas of production and logistics. Thanks to connected production,…

Oracle’s Software in Silicon Technology: Data Analytics Accelerators (DAX)

This is a demonstration of Oracle’s software in silicon Data Analytics Accelerators, commonly called DAX. Go to and leverage Oracle’s Software in Silicon Cloud to gain access to this technology today, along with numerous free developer resources. ================================= For more information, see Copyright © 2016 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle is a registered…

Intelligent decisions: using the power of data, analytics and technology

Today is fuelled with data. It is digital, it is variable and it is fast. New data, for example bank account data, can offer insight that until now hasn’t been fully understood or explored. Today’s universal access to data needs aggregating in real-time and understanding. It needs exploring. It needs deploying. Today data can be…

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The technology and culture of big data analytics: Theo Vassilakis at TEDxAcademy

Engineer and CEO Theo Vassilakis discusses deep technical advances that have enabled a new age of big data analysis, also the human and cultural changes in organizations that are going to unlock its true potential.