March 6, 2019

Technical SEO Is BS! Do This Instead ?

Wondering what tiny ranking factor you should be focused on? In this video, I cover why you should only be focused on two things in SEO …

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If you want more impressions, clicks, and conversions on your website what should you focus on?

Is it meta tags? Title tags? Your keyword density? What exactly is it? Well that’s exactly what it is, stop worrying.

There are so many things that you could optimize but should you spend time optimizing them?

Personally we outsource all of that in our agency simply due to the fact that it takes away time from what is high impact – creating content and getting links

SEO is a powerful mechanism in the sense that it can bring you thousands of free impressions in the search results. This is partly why a lot of my time is spent optimizing for search

But this can confuse some, you may believe that you should focus on 200+ ranking factors but that is simply just BS! You don’t need that many items to focus on! Follow this simple concept to rank in Google:

– create content (put it out)
– get feedback (how did that content perform?)
– optimize for the next time (keep moving)

Keeping your motivation to keep creating content is crucial to your success in search rankings.

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