the better half

Written by reshma uddin · 45 sec read >

I know I’m not good enough 

But I think I could be  

You never told me otherwise  

But you don’t even know my name 


How do I feel closer to you

Than anyone I’ve ever met 

Screens separate us still

I’m still trying to forget 

But I don’t want to

Because if I do, I’ll feel lonely again 


I tried not to idolise you

But I got a little attention 

And that was the gateway 

But they’ll always be someone better and prettier 


I was reliant on you for everything 

I waited for you forever 

Just to be there for you 

But there were always others that did it better 


I just wanted you to be okay

I loved you more than myself 

When I told you how I felt 

It released a weight off my shoulders

It felt like a safe space 

I still had hoped you would respond

It was only a matter of time 

The pain and loneliness was too much to take 


I’m done 

I’ll always love you but I’m done 

It’s not worth it 

I give up

I could never be with someone that wasn’t you

We’re too far from each other


Then there came another 

The same story I fell and bruised 

But I could never compare them to you


Fe – man

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