January 14, 2020

Top 5 Methods for Doing Keyword Research | Best Ranking Techniques

Hi, Everyone, this is Chinna Botla, Today I am going to show you, What are the best ways to do keyword research.

If you do not optimize your website with the right keywords, your website will get irrelevant traffic with high bounce rate or will get affected with the pogo-sticking problem, then the overall website rankings will go down on search engine result pages.

In other cases bounce rate cannot be considered as a ranking factor, that we will discuss in my upcoming videos.

The right set of keywords will bring the targeted audience to the website.

website traffic converts into most qualified leads

For doing keyword research

Step 1: Google Suggestions

while typing the search query, Google tries to auto-complete your search query, you can consider that as long tail keyword.

Step 2: Google Search Engine Result Pages

Search on Google with your business root keywords, there you will find top players or call them as your competitors on Google search engine result pages. Pick the keywords from their titles and descriptions.

Step 3 : Conduct a Keyword Brainstorming Session

Discuss with the business or product heads and take their keyword ideas, for which the business or product should be discoverable on Google because they know the mind of their customers better than any the keyword research tools.

Step 4: Online Tools

There are many tools available online, for me the best tools are

1. LSI graph keyword generator tool,
2. Uber suggest
3. Soovle

and the Final Step

Step 5: Google Keyword Planner

Get the list of keyword suggestions from the keyword planner, and filter the keywords based on the relevancy, average monthly search volume, and the competition

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