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War Of Jungle: Rule of Animals


This is a unique game, where for the first time ever you can experience the jungle wildlife and rule an exotic forest kingdom with wild and loving animals on your side.

Experience the unique thrill of building a forest territory and befriending wild animals such as bears, gorillas, chimpanzee, rhinos, hippos, lion, elephants etc. to be your loyal Buddies. Raise your jungle army, join forces with friends and form invincible BANDS to conquer new territories. Keep in mind, good defense is a must to rule the forest. Your wild BUDDIES with unique strengths are your strongest warriors as well as toughest defenders.

IT WOULD SURELY BE A WAR WORTH FIGHTING for when LEMURS aka jungle archers, humongous BEASTS and rock bombarding GORILLAS will fight with fierce BEARS, mighty RHINOS and deadly PIGHEADS.


● CHOOSE from FRIENDLY BATTLES to test the defenses of your band members or PLAYER VS PLAYER BATTLES to show your valor.

● CONQUER different countries with your band by defeating other bands in never before TERRITORIAL WARS.

● JOIN forces with friends to form unbeatable BANDS.

● BUILD your forest empire of exotic wild buildings with each building having multiple levels of upgrades.

● FORM an intimidating army with lethal combination of Chimpanzees, Bears, Rhinos, Hippos, Lions, Beasts etc. Don’t forget to use MYSTIC WISHES to turn your enemies into ashes.

● DEFEND your valuable resources with hordes of Gorillas, Pigheads, Snakes, Chimp Slings, Lemur towers combined with traps of Wooden Spikes, Sling etc.

● BATTLE with thousands of other players worldwide and become the supreme EMPEROR OF WOODS.

● STRATEGISE with your Band members using the CHAT feature.

● INVITE your Facebook friends to play along and use it to gift them items, post your achievements and share your forest selfies.

● COLLECT your daily dose of jungle love wrapped as interesting daily gifts.

*Wide variety of wild animals such as Griffons, Hydra, Elephant, Sabertooth etc. roaring to be unleashed.

By Octro, Inc.

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