January 15, 2020

WEBINAR: Basic Data Analysis

This one-hour webinar will teach the basic skills and tools needed to manage and analyze program data, with a special emphasis on analyzing program outcome data. Participants do not need any special skills; no special software or math skills needed!

You will learn about: organizing data into a spreadsheet format, how to perform basic quality assurance with your data, simple mathematical functions for data analysis, how to create new evaluation questions out of your data, and how to interpret data including attention to the context of the data.

By the end of this webinar, participants will:

* Understand the importance of checking data before it is analyzed
* Understand how to organize data into a spreadsheet
* Be able to use three methods to analyze data (frequencies, centers, & sub-group comparisons)
* Feel more confident about interpreting data
* Identify steps to improve their current data analysis

Capacity for Health (C4H) at APIAHF is a Capacity Building Assistance Program funded by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. C4H provides FREE capacity building assistance to community based organizations across the United States and its affiliated territories.

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